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If you are searching for “Residential Tree Care Phoenix” you probably have a tree or few that needs some trimming, pruning, or you might need tree removal and stump grinding.

Phoenix Trim-A-Tree specializes in complete residential tree services and residential tree trimming and pruning throughout Phoenix, Arizona; including deep root fertilizing, stump grinding, stump removal, residential tree removal palm tree maintenance, wood grinding and recycling and more!

Proper tree pruning promotes healthy new branch and leaf growth and reduces the likelihood of storm damage from trees that have grown too close to residential homes. Regular tree services helps maintain the value and enhance the appearance of your property.

We at Phoenix Trim-A-Tree would like to be your exclusive residential tree services company in Phoenix. Our crews are highly trained in proper tree care and follow ANSI Standards. We have all of the equipment to complete your job safely and quickly and leave your tress looking great.

We are experienced working with large estates, suburban neighborhoods, vacation homes, mobile home park residents, and more, providing complete tree services to fit each owner’s individual service needs. We accept both small and large jobs for residential and commercial tree care. We carry $2 million in liability and workers compensation insurance for your protection.

Professional Memberships:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)
  • Arizona Multi-Housing Association (AMA)
  • Arizona Community Tree Council (ACTC)
  • Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)
  • Professional Arizona Tree Services Include:
  • Residential Tree Trimming
  • Residential Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Deep Root Fertilizations
  • Wood & Brush Grinding
  • Other Tree Services Include:
  • Storm Damage
  • Consultations
  • Diagnosis
  • Residential Land Clearing
  • Residential Tree Pruning
  • Residential Tree Services We Provide

    There are various species of trees that need different types of care. From Palms to Pear trees each type needs to have a different type of trimming and pruning.  At times trees with suffer from disease, pests, or drought and will either need special attention to recover, or will need to be removed. Whichever solution is best for your tree, your home, and your property is our priority. View the residential tree services we provide below. 

    Residential Tree Trimming

    Having tree trimming improves the safety, appearance, and health of your trees. Keeping your trees beautiful and safe adds value to your landscape, and property. Caring for trees is the job of an arborist. Our arborist will be able to evaluate the condition of your trees and help you find the best and most cost effective solutions to make the most of them.

    Trees are many times the centerpieces of your landscape and are usually the tallest natural elements on your property. Their appearance goes a long way to making first impressions. Trimming helps create the best shaped and healthiest trees.

    Residential Tree Pruning

    Tree pruning might seem like the same thing as tree trimming, but the goal with pruning is different. For mature trees pruning is the practice of removing dying or dead branches from the tree. Doing this helps make safer and healthier trees. In addition to removing dead branches pruning can help make your trees more storm resistant.

    Pruning Mature Trees

    Thinning out the density of the tree makes it less prone to being blown down by strong winds. Our arborist understands the areas that are most prone to having issues with wind and can create a plan to remove excessive branches while maintaining the beauty of your tree.

    Pruning Young Trees

    Young trees that simply grow next to other trees in the forest are competing for light. When trees are planted in landscapes they are planted with good space and usually with full light. This means that the trees are experiencing a different environment than they would in nature. This leads to branches developing multiple leaders, or stems that are prone to over growth and failure. Pruning these young trees helps teach the tree the best path of growth and results in the best structure of tree later in life.

    Residential Tree Removal

    Trees that have suffered from drought, have not been trimmed or pruned, or have been infested by pests or disease can die, or can fall. Having these trees removed is important to the safety of your property, and your neighbors. Strong winds push at your trees and healthy trees resist these winds. Trees that are sick, dying, or dead can’t stand the winds forever and will eventually fall. Have your trees removed safely before they are laying in your yard, on your home, or across the fence line. Removal is done by our tree care team and is done safely with the right tools and safety equipment. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. So there isn’t anything to worry about with our services.

    Schedule Residential Tree Services

    From the start of a tree’s life in your landscape right up to the time a tree might need to be removed our arborist and team of tree care professionals can help you. We can help with pruning, trimming, removal, stump grinding, and tree inspections. All of our services are geared to preserving trees in your landscape and helping you achieve this goal affordably. When we have worked in your landscape we will make every effort to remove any sign that we had worked on your property.

    We invite you to try Phoenix Trim-A-Tree, LLC – Call us today to discuss your tree care and service needs: 480-962-0701. We look forward to hearing from you! Go green with us, we recycle all of our green waste!