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Are you looking for tree trimming companies that offer “Arizona Ash Tree Trimming” in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area? If so, you’re in luck! Phoenix Trim A Tree provides residential and commercial Arizona Ash tree trimming in (East Valley Cities) Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and (West Valley Cities) Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Surprise, Peoria and more.

Arizona Ash Tree Trimming Services:

We provide the following types of Arizona Ash tree trimming Phoenix Valleywide.

  • Deadwooding
  • Crown & Canopy Thinning
  • Crown Canopy Lifting
  • Directional Or Formative Pruning
  • Vista Pruning
  • Crown Reduction
  • Pollarding

Reasons To Trim Your Ash Tree

Most ash trees will be fast growing. While rapid growth makes quick shade, it also has drawbacks. Fast growing trees will have surface roots. Although the roots of the ash tree are often close to the surface, they are tolerant of rocky and alkaline soils. Although, the surface roots can be a problem when they lift curbs, sidewalks, and they can make mowing hard. Also, if you do not prune on a regular basis, your tree will become a tangled mess that has a lot of branch dieback. You will need to plan to trim your ash trees every few years to promote good branch structure and keep the canopy from being too dense. Otherwise, they may be weak growth that is very prone to breakage. It isn’t a good idea to allow multiple trunks as this can cause structural issues. It is best to establish one trunk while your tree is young. Ash trees are large and while most mature ash trees only reach between 40-50 feet tall, they can be over 80 feet tall and have a round full canopy.

Ash Tree Pruning

Ash trees need to be trained to grow with a central leader and needs pruning to develop a strong structure mainly due to their diverse branch structure.
Pruning is suggested to preserve or enhance tree structure, strength, and its life-span. Pruning can decrease specific faults or structural issues in an ash tree to significantly lessen its risk of failure.

Diseased, broken or dead ash tree branches are usually removed in order to stop decay-producing fungi that can infect other parts of the tree.

Additionally, the removal of live branches is from time to time necessary to allow more exposure to sunlight and circulation of air inside the tree’s canopy. This helps in the reduction of certain types of ash tree diseases. Phoenix Trim A Tree also advocates the removal of branch stubs to encourage successful and proper healing of wounds.

Ash Tree Removal

Tree removal usually will have an arborist or tree care professional climb the ash tree to remove it branch by branch. Despite that, because dead ash trees are so delicate and problematic, it is usually not safe to climb them. For that rationale, some tree companies will simply choose not to work on them.

The professional will have two removal options – felling the entire ash tree or using a bucket truck, crane for removal.

Felling the tree has two major issues. First, the trunk can be compromised, making it nearly impossible to safely and precisely drop the tree where you need it to go. Second, if there are any wires, other trees or building in the way, it might not be possible to find a place in which to correctly fell the tree without damaging whatever is underneath it.

About The Arizona Ash Tree

Fraxinus Veluntina or Arizona Ash is very common to areas in Arizona, as well as being adapted to the warm climate. Most other ash trees grow in Arizona too. There are well over 5 different ash species. Wikipedia lists most of their ash trees according to the region that they are found in. Be aware that there are actually other woody plants that have ash in their name such as prickly ash or mountain ash, but they are not part of the Fraxinus family, so they are not ash trees at all.

Types Of Arizona Ash Trees:

  • Chihuahua ash (fraxinus papilosa)
  • Fragrant ash (fraxinus cuspidata)
  • Goodding ash (fraxinus gooddingii)
  • Singleleaf ash (fraxinus anomala)
  • Arizona Ash (fraxinus veluntina) – Known as modesto or velvet ash
  • Littleleaf ash (fraxinus greggii)
  • Fantex ash (fraxinus velutina) – known as Rio Grande Ash
  • Shamel ash (fraxinus uhedi) – known as tropical ash
  • Raywood Ash (fraxinus oxycarpa)
  • Green Ash (fraxinus pennsylvanica) – known as water or swamp ash

Drawbacks Of The Arizona Ash Tree

The Arizona ash has a lot of positive features, but most of those do have drawbacks. The Arizona ash has been labeled a trash tree because it has a short lifespan of about 25 to 30 years, as well other reasons.

The ash tree is deciduous, which means that at the end of the growing season they will shed their leaves. Most trees are considered messy and the ash isn’t an exception. Many ash trees will limit their leaf dropping to about 2 weeks. Most ash trees will produce seedlings, either all year or once a year, but in big numbers depending on the species and gender. With the ash tree, you have to learn to rake at least a few times if you want a tidy yard.

Ash Trees Are Susceptible To Diseases & Pests

Arizona ash trees unlike other plants will be susceptible to various diseases and pests. These do include mildew, cankering, rust diseases, leaf scorch, and various fungal infections as well as pests like borers, carpenter worms, webworms and mites. Ash trees are very vulnerable to the Verticillium wilt, which is a fungus that is born in the soil. In some parts of the US mostly the Midwest, the emerald ash borer has killed thousands of ash trees. Luckily, the Arizona ash tree species hasn’t been affected by these pests. Trees that are able to endure poor environmental conditions will be more vulnerable to these types of problems, so it is vital that you keep the tree defenses up by fertilizing and watering when needed.

Ash Tree Care & Maintenance

To maintain your Ash tree, you should research it according to the species, because each ash will have a variety of unique abilities. There are plenty of tree fact sheets that you can find. They will be a good source of basic information about the tree you want to learn about. You can often get them from the US Department of Agriculture and Forest Service.

If your ash tree is maintained well, they will be beautiful and lush.  But if it is uncared for, it can be an eyesore and more likely to be a host to tree diseases and pests. While there are certain varieties that are drought resistant, most require there to be plenty of water. Flood irrigation does provide the best setting for your ash tree. If you do not have an irrigated yard, it is best to mimic it with a garden hose by deep watering 1 to 2 times a month. If you live in Arizona and have ash trees, then you need to keep them healthy and looking great, so be prepared when you look at the water bill each month. You may also want to fertilize the ash trees often. Putting mulch around the tree is great for 2 reasons: it enriches the soil when organic matter breaks down, but it also retains moisture from watering to keep the soil wet longer.

Ash trees can be hard to care for, but it is worth the effort to keep the ash tree in your yard healthy. In return for doing this, they will give you plenty of shade. Healthy Arizona Ash trees will certainly enhance the beauty of your property. When it comes to your tree we can help.

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