Best Time To Trim Trees In Arizona

Best Time To Trim Trees In Arizona
21 Aug 2018

The best time to trim trees in Arizona depends on the type of tree.  Most should be trimmed while it’s cold but others must not be trimmed during winter.

It’s possible to help your trees look better and live longer with the right trimming and minimize storm damage with trimming.

This guide will show you when to trim your palm trees, maple trees, evergreen trees, and fruit trees.

Best Time To Trim Trees by Species

A lot of native Arizonans and people moving to the state are asking the question when is the “Best Time To Trim Trees In Arizona”.  In central and southern Arizona’s desert climate the time that is best to trim various types of trees is different than other colder regions of the United States.  It does not get as cold in southern Arizona as it does even in northern Arizona.  The times when you should trim your trees will vary also depending on when cold weather sets in.  The later it starts or sooner it ends will affect the best times to trim your trees.

Different types of trees need to trimmed at different times of year.  Tree trimming is not a “one-size-fits-all” type of project and trees should be trimmed at a time that is best for their species and the region they are grown in.

Best Time To Trim Fruit Trees

Fruit trees like peaches, apples, pomegranates, nuts, nectarines, and apricots all can be trimmed starting in December up till about February.  This is a good strategy for these trees as owners will want to control the height of these fruit bearing tree branches.  Keeping the branches lower through trimming makes harvesting all of these fruits easier.

Best Time To Trim Citrus Trees

Citrus trees are frost sensitive and even though it is rare to get that cold in the desert it’s important to wait to trim them until the middle of February to avoid frost damage.  Leaving extra on during the colder months helps insulate the tree and protect them.

Starting around the 15th of February and until the end of March is a great time to prune citrus trees. Avoid trimming these trees past this point as the foliage will help protect the trunks from being scorched by our intense summer sun. Once these trees are pruned they will start setting blossoms which are desirable and should be kept!

Best Time To Trim Maple Trees

Maple tree trimming should not be done during winter.  These trees ooze or “bleed” sap.  While this isn’t actually harmful to the tree it will leave a mess in your yard, especially if you have vehicles that park near or under the tree.

Best Time To Trim Oak Trees

Oak tree trimming is best left for when the tree is dormant during the colder months of the year.  This means that waiting until December is a great idea.  Trimming can be done then and through about mid February when things start warming up again.

Best Time To Trim Palm Trees

The best time of year to trim palm trees is after mid June.  This is the best time to remove seeds which are forming and any dead leaves or fronds.  While removing the brown dead fronds keeps palms looking their best profession palm tree trimmers will leave as much green as possible for the appearance and health of the tree. Avoid inexperienced palm tree trimming as it can lead to the death of your palm.

Best Time To Trim Mesquite Trees

Mesquite trees and eucalyptus which grow fast and have large branch systems should be trimmed back before the storms of the monsoon season.  This means that May and June are prime time for having these trees trimmed back.  This helps avoid damage to the trees during storms, or worse a branch falling on your property or home.

Best Time To Trim Desert Trees

Deciduous trees such as ash, desert willow, and elm all should be trimmed starting in December and goes through February.   This includes Arizona favorite desert trees such as the Palo Verde and other popular options.  These trees need to be dormant to cause minimal stress from pruning.

Best Time To Trim Evergreens

The best time to trim your evergreens and shrubs is during the month of March.  Alternatively September is another good opportunity to trim your evergreens.  This includes both conifers and hardwoods.

Phoenix Tree Trimming Service

Trimming trees, especially larger ones, requires tools and training.  Safety equipment is one of the most important tools tree trimming professionals use to prevent injuries while trimming trees.  If you have trees in your landscape at your residential or commercial property we can help trim them.

We will help trim your trees to look their best, avoid damage to property, and help you take care of your trees any time of year.  For more information about our tree trimming services or to schedule an appointment please give us a call.

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