Citrus Tree Care In Arizona

Citrus Tree Care In Arizona
15 Jul 2019

Many areas of Arizona are suitable for growing citrus trees, inclusing Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Tempe, Bullhead City and Yuma. Read on to learn a step by step guide to successfully planting citrus trees in thewonderful state of Arizona!

Step by Step Guide To Successful Citrus Tree Growing

  1. Citrus trees are best planted in September, Find a location with plenty of prtection from the wind and where there is plenty of sun. If you can locate a the trees on a slight incline, cold air will flow down. Similarly planting against a wall, will help keep the wind at bay from the citrus trees.
  2. The root balls needs holes that are 3 to 5 times wider to promote the growth of the roots of the citrus tree. This is very important to the overall health of the citrus tree.
  3. The citrus tree will require heavy watering and as Arizona receives most of its yearly rainfall in late summer, additional watering will most likely be required. Utilize a soaker hose to water to a depth of 3 to 4 inches. During the winter, water every 6 days, every 3 days during the summer.
  4. Once the citrus tree has been established you do not need to water it as often. That said the average yearly rainfall in Arizona is not enough to sustain the life of a citrus tree so after the initial year, use a soaker hose to deepwater once per week in the summer and every three weeks during the winter depending on the conditions.
  5. January, February, April and May should be the months you use fertilizer on your citrus tree. Do not fertilize fter the month of August as the tree needs to go dormant over the winter.
  6. Your citrus tree will need springtime trimming. Remove dead or damaged branshes with a pruning saw or shears. Remove inward growing branches will maintian a well-groomed apperance. Cut areas of the citrus tree should be covered with a whitewash using a paintbrush to prevent damage from the summer sun.

Citrus Tree Care In Arizona

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