Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions about tree trimming, tree pruning, and general tree care.

If you don’t see your question please get in touch with us!

 How much does it cost for a tree services estimate? 

All of our estimates at Phoenix Trim-a-Tree are FREE of charge.  The only time we will have to charge you is when a Certified Arborist comes out to do an formal tree evaluation.  An evaluation is a assessment or formal write up of a tree or number of trees on a property that will not result in any further tree services to be performed.  A Tree estimate is a proposal that is given to our customers that can result in tree services to be performed upon approval of the scope of work.


How long does it take to receive an estimate?

It usually takes around  2-3 business days to receive an estimate. This of course depends on how busy we are and how busy you are.  If there was just a major Hurricane or storm, it’s quite likely that it could take a little longer.  Our estimators schedule all of their own tree estimates, so you should hear from one of them within 1-2 business days of calling the office to request an estimate.  If it does takes longer, we appreciate your patience and calling back won’t hurt our feelings, it usually helps.


How many days after approval does it take for the crew to come out?

Once you submit your signed approval via fax or email, our scheduler will be emailing  or calling  you within 1-3 business days.  Again, this also depends on how busy we are.  If we just had a major storm, we could be weeks behind our work in this scenario.  We appreciate your patience and value all our customers equally, its just the fact that emergency tree services, i.e. trees on houses and such take priority over regular work.


Are you fully licensed & insured?

Yes, we are fully bonded, insured and licensed to perform work in Arizona.  We can provide a copy of our insurance documents upon request.  Also, for commercial work, we can add on your company as additional insured.  Feel free to request a (CI) Certificate of Insurance from our office anytime.  We are insured more than the average for liability coverage and workman’s compensation insurance.


Do you have people on the crews that can speak good English?

Yes, our crew and foreman’s speak very good English, you should not have any trouble with this.


What payments do you accept?

We accept all methods of payment including Cash, Check, Credit (Visa, MC, AMEX) You can also leave a check with our crew upon completion of the job.  We don’t ask for payment until work is complete.


Do you use spikes to climb and prune trees?

No, we do not use spikes to climb live trees for tree pruning. This is a big no no in the tree health care industry. This occurred a lot back in the 1980’s, and unfortunately still occurs today.  This is a great question to ask to make sure that spikes are not used when pruning – only removals.


Do you top trees?

No, topping trees is also a big no no in the tree services industry.  Topping trees is bad because it alters the branch integrity and structure of the limbs causing weak branches.  Topping is deceiving because at first it might appear that the tree is much safer, but, in the long run topping has serious negative consequences.  Dont TopTrees.


When is the best time to prune a tree in Arizona?

The best time to prune trees in Arizona is April thru September. You risk killing the tree if you try to prune during the cold months.


What about potential property damages, do you cover them?

Sometimes damages can occur.  Yard damage, driveway damage, siding damage, etc.  At Phoenix Trim-a-Tree, we are proud to say that our damage costs are extremely small for the high volume of work that we do.


Why did your crew leave a pile of Stump Grindings?

Grinding Tree Stumps is one of our services.  Our work orders specify whether or not grindings will be hauled off or not.  Many customers are not aware of these details.  Stump grindings are the shavings left over after the tree stump has been fully ground out.  There is usually a separate charge for the grindings to be hauled (Call for details), versus backfilled and left in the hole. If the stump is large, there will be a large pile of grindings left from the grinding.  Please be sure to ask whether or not the estimator will include grindings to be hauled off or not.


Do you haul all debris and wood?

Yes, most of the time all debris and wood will be hauled and chipped. The estimator will write otherwise if you choose for the wood to stay, or sometimes customers like keeping the wood and us hauling off the larger trunk wood.  Most of the time, all wood and debris gets hauled away.