Has My Palm Tree Died?

Has My Palm Tree Died?
23 Sep 2020

Palm trees belong to the evergreen family of trees, which means any sighting of brown fronds can be problematic. The most likely cause of discoloration and deterioration is an infestation of bugs. If you’ve ever asked yourself “is my palm tree dead” these details could help save your beloved plant.

Signs Of Death

At times it can be quite difficult to know if your tree is dying or just simply needs some extra care and attention. If there is any green at all remaining on your fronds, then the tree is still very much alive. However, if you’re struggling to find any green, then the tree may be dying, if not already dead. Start by inspecting the soil in which the tree is planted in. The next sign to look for is a shedding of yellow-colored leaves. This is one of the biggest indicators of impending doom for the palm tree.


Unfortunately, there are numerous insects that can possibly infiltrate and infect your tree. These pests can be responsible for killing the plant altogether. The good news is simple, routine checks of the tree can help identify and possibly save the tree from these pests.

Discoloration And Wilting

As stated above, check to see if the tree’s fronds show any signs of discoloration. Younger fronds should always be light green, while it is normal for older fronds to go from orange to brown over a long period of time. In the rare case that all fronds appear to be suffering from discoloration, the solution is quite simple. The tree needs more water; that is all. If you notice the crown (top center of the tree) looking brown, more water is needed immediately.

Saving A Palm Tree

Since most discoloration and/or wilting is caused by lack of care, it is very easy to revive the tree’s life. Lack of water, fertilizer or an influx of insects are all telling signs that your plant is stressed. Controlling insects and creating a schedule to provide the plant with enough water should be task number one. The crown is responsible for the tree’s overall health, which is why inspecting the top is the tree is key to identifying issues. For trees that are especially stressed, a landscaping professional could put together a vitamin bath at the base of the palm. If no treatment proves effective, a removal of the tree may be appropriate.

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