Hazardous Tree Removal Phoenix

Hazardous Tree Removal Phoenix

Any type of tree work has the potential to be hazardous, but hazardous tree removal in Phoenix is especially dangerous.

Successfully removing a tree requires proper education, training, tree physics, advanced cutting technicians, dangerous tools, and more. Attempting your own tree removal could leave you injured or killed by falling limps, the tree itself, or malfunctioning equipment.

Tree Removal Dangers Include:

Tree Removal Equipment Dangers – Tree removal specialists are required by OSHA to wear protective gear. Also, proper training with saws, chains, wood chippers, and cranes are important to make sure you know how to use the equipment properly. Without this equipment, a homeowner cannot safely remove trees from their own property. Its best to let the professional take care of your tree removal. They are trained to use tree removal equipment safely and have experience doing so.

Power Line Dangers – Removing trees close to power lines can be dangerous. You should never assume that the wires aren’t live. If your tools, you, or a tree hits the power line, you could end up knocking out the power in your whole neighborhood. Also, you run the risk of being electrocuted. Some people believe that the black coating on power lines insulates them from electrocuting you. That is actually false. The black coating on power lines is only for weather-proofing. You can still be electrocuted from power lines through weather-proofing.

Dying Tree Dangers – A dying or dead tree is often dying from the inside out, making the entire tree unstable. Even tree professional will use cranes to remove dead trees from your property. If you think you have a dying or decaying tree, find a tree removal professional to remove it for you, before it collapses on your vehicles or home.

Tree Falling Dangers – You do not have control over where a tree falls once it starts falling. Even with ropes and cut indentations the tree doesn’t always fall where it is expected to. Not using the right tools can result in the tree falling on power lines, vehicles, people, or home

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Never Try To Remove A Tree Yourself

Basically this entire article is based around the fact that tree removal is so dangerous that you could severely injure or kill yourself. It’s just not worth the risk to you or your loved ones and can possibly cause more problems than you originally had. If you need tree removal services in Phoenix Arizona, Phoenix Trim-a-tree can help! Not from Arizona or live in another city? Click here to find tree removal experts in your area. Professional arborists know the best methods for safe tree removal and have the equipment and tools necessary to do the job professionally.

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