Are Palm Trees Native to Arizona?

Are Palm Trees Native to Arizona?
25 Mar 2020

A lot of the residents in Arizona are wondering “Are Palm Trees Native To AZ?” Although there are thousands of palm trees to be seen around the Valley, most of those are not native of Arizona. The majority of palm trees are actually native of tropical climates, such as Florida, Southern California, South Carolina, and countries like Chile, Mexico, Peru, India, Australia, China, among others.

Having so many of them scattered all around Arizona, it may be hard to believe that they are not a native plant of Arizona, with the southern part of Arizona having an abundance of them. There are many of Arizona’s landmarks that incorporate palm plants, being almost as venerated as their iconic cacti. Landscapes all around the state lined up with Date Palms, Mexican Fan Palms, and Queen Palms, including places of retail and commercial properties. It is difficult for many of Arizona’s residents, as well as visitors to Arizona to believe that the majority of the palms in Arizona have been transplanted after being brought from in from tropical climate areas.

Arizona’s Native Palm Tree

There is one palm in Arizona which grows naturally. It is the California Fan Palm, and it has been thought that it migrated from animal droppings and transplanted in Arizona, and these grow wild in the area between Yuma and Quartzite within the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. The California Fan Palm grows wild in the area called the ‘Palm Canyon’.

People Adore Palm Trees

The reason the residents of Arizona adore the palms in their landscape is because it is the icon of the deserts oasis. Since water and shade are hard to come here in Arizona, the residents find the groves of palm trees helps keep them from thinking thoughts about vacationing, leisure, and having fun. The residents welcome shades that are casted by the palm trees, and shades casted by any tree for that matter as it gives them some relief from the hot sun and the desert heat.

Architectural Anchors In Landscaping

Palms give more than a promise of shade, they also make a strong element in the designing process of residential and commercial landscaping projects, as they are known for being “Architectural Plants,” and they can be made a significant part of making a visually stunning landscaping design. Often, they are used as projects in commercial retail real estate, golf courses, city parks, among others for the provisions of visual excitement.

Where Do Palm Trees Come From?

If Arizona has only one native palm tree, how did the others end up in Arizona? This would depend on the variety you have in mind, or own, or are thinking about purchasing.

The Queen Palms

Argentina and Brazil are the home of the Queen Palm, and as it features its graceful fronds it grows to be of medium height. Because of their country of origin, they are temperamental and are a little more sensitive than others to the cold winter frost, as well as to the summer heat when it becomes too intense.

The Royal Palms

The Royal Palms feature a bit of affluence and aristocracy, almost as though they knew they were “Royal.” These are native of tropical Mexico, the Caribbean, and some part of Southern Florida. One of their features is having a rich appearance and at their peak there is deep green skin, in all they have smooth features.

The Mexican Fan Palms

One of the palms that is most common in Arizona is the Mexican Fan Palm. Of course, you guessed it, these palms come from Mexico, their seed pods are brought to Arizona from Northern Mexico. The Mexican Fan Palms requires their gardener to be a daredevil, and those who trim them must be a professional in order to climb to trim them. These palms will grow-up to incredible heights.


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