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Summer Tree Care Phoenix, Arizona | Summer Shrub Care



Summers in Arizona can be very harmful to your trees. Help trees from becoming victims of pest, diseases and summer storms by following Phoenix Trim a Tree’s “Summer Tree Care Guide”. Contact Phoenix Trim a Tree’s professional arborists for a free tree service consultation or to learn more about summer tree and shrub care.

LANDSCAPE INSPECTION – Check your trees for warning signs or damage, especially insect diseases and infestations. These insects could be killing your trees from the inside out. This will take away nutrients from surrounding plants as well. So make sure your trees look healthy. Then consult an experienced arborist to find out whether tree treatment regimens are needed.

PRUNING DISEASED OR DEAD BRANCHES – The most successful tree care programs usually include some form of pruning. You should make sure you are monitoring your tree canopies as well to help encourage healthy new growth.

REMOVE, BRACE OR CABLE WEAK LIMBS – Before those summer storm winds roll in, you want to make sure your tree branches have some stability against the high winds, specifically when weak branches fall.

WHY IS CARING FOR SOIL IMPORTANT? – Most tree issues come when poor soil is surrounding. Whether it be the lack of nutrients, amount of acidity or soil compaction, improving the soil around your tree will help create forest floor like conditions, encouraging the tree roots to become stronger. Also, the right types of soil helps the tree protect itself from disease, environment stresses and pests.

DO I NEED TO WATER MY TREES IN THE SUMMER? – If there is a drought in Phoenix, Arizona, then yes you should water your trees. In more temperate zones, they only need about 1 inch of water per week. Dont just water frequently, water deeply and soak the soil to get the best results.

HOW MUCH WATER SHOULD I USE FOR TREES IN ARIZONA? – How much water you use depends on the age and size of the tree. As long as you saturate the area as wide as the drip line, you are good. Use enough water that could penetrate at least 2 feet deep. As the tree grows, so will the drip line. This is especially important with watering palm trees in Arizona.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I WATER MY TREES IN ARIZONA? – How often to water in Arizona depends on the type of tree, age of tree, current weather conditions and soil conditions. Frequent watering is required when the soil is loose and sandy because it dries out faster. Tight soil needs to be watered less frequently. Also, new trees need lots of water to develop their root structures. Furthermore, watering frequency should increase with long period of dry heat. For temperatures in Phoenix above 110 degrees, you should be adding an extra day to your tree watering

*Important: Don’t water too much, especially in areas where drainage is poor, watering too much can harm your tree more than helping it.

SHOULD I WORRY ABOUT INSECTS AND BUG ON MY TREES? – Insects are usually problematic during the spring, although some insects are common in the summer such as bag-worms and beetles. Noticing any unusual pest activity? Call a certified arborist today to inspect your shrubs or trees for pest activity.