How To Trim A Palm Tree

How To Trim A Palm Tree
09 Oct 2018

To trim a palm tree you will need to identify which parts should be removed by their color and condition, have the right tools, and safety equipment.

If you’re searching for “how to trim a palm tree?” or “how to skin a palm tree?” our tree trimming experts are here to help.

Palm trees grow quickly and without the right equipment are dangerous to trim yourself.  Read about how we trim palm trees to keep them looking great.

Check Palm Tree Condition & Health

The first step is to check out your palm or palm trees for signs they need to be trimmed.  Your focus should only be areas that are dead, dying, block visibility at the road, pose a fire hazard, and to prevent damage during storms.

Tools & Safety Equipment

When you’ve identified areas on your palm that are dead, dying, or dangerous you’ll need to get your tools and safety equipment organized.

Personal safety is a priority for any project.  Our palm tree trimmers wear durable gloves, safety googles, and for taller trees climbing harnesses.  Palm frond edges are incredibly sharp and can cut your hands and the goggles are a must for any type of tree trimming.

Tools used to trim palm trees include sharp serrated knives, pruning shears, saws, and even chainsaws.  All of these tools are well maintained, and our teams are trained extensively for their safe and effective use.

Trim Away Dead, Dying, or Damaged Palm Fronds.

With our safety equipment in place and the right tools our teams go to work removing only the necessary parts of your palm tree.  Over trimming or pruning a palm tree can actually harm it.  For this reason, most property owners in Phoenix choose to have our team come and take care of palm tree trimming.

Trim Away Fruit, Flowers, & Seeds

If your variety of palm tree has fruit, flowers, and seeds we trim those items away.  Allowing those to grow takes away valuable nutrients from your tree.  They also are dangerous for pedestrians walking near the tree and can actually attract pests to your property.

Tree Trimming Waste Haul Away

The last step in trimming a palm tree is getting rid of the fruit, flowers, seeds, and fronds.  They should all be disposed of as organic waste and handled carefully to avoid injury.  The frond are sharp and the flowers, fruit, and seeds can cause offensive odors if left to rot on the landscape.  Our team knows the right way to dispose of palm tree waste in the Phoenix Valley.

Mark The Calendar

Over trimming palm trees is bad for their health and your wallet.  You never want to trim a palm tree more than once a year.  Some trees may need it less than that.  Whenever you’re in doubt as to if a palm tree needs to be trimmed our how to do it safely give our team a call!

Palm Tree Trimming Service

Palm tree trimming requires sharp tools and high heights.  This is a dangerous mix for property owners without the right tools and training.  Our team knows what needs to be trimmed and how to do it safely to protect your property and prevent personal injury.

We are licensed and insured for all of our tree trimming and tree removal services.  Give us a call if you’ve got a palm that’s seen better days and we will spruce it up with our palm tree trimming service.


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