Are Palm Trees Native To Arizona?

Are Palm Trees Native To Arizona?
05 Sep 2018

Palm trees are not generally native to Arizona; except for one small region known as Palm Canyon in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.

Many Phoenix residents wonder: “Are palm trees native to Arizona?” Despite thousands of palms around the valley the majority of palm trees you see are not native to Arizona.

Most palm trees are native to tropical climates like Southern California, Florida, South Carolina and other countries such as Peru, Chile, Australia, Mexico, India, China, and more.

Where Palm Trees Come From

With as many are scattered everywhere in Arizona, especially in the south, it has hard to believe that they are not a native plant. Loads of Arizona landmarks incorporate them and they are nearly as venerated as our iconic cacti. There are a lot of Mexican fan palms, Date palms, and Queen palms all over the state lining landscapes, retail areas, and commercial properties. With as many as we have it is hard for a lot of Arizona residents and visitors that the majority of our palms are transplants from more tropical climates.

Arizona’s One Native Palm Tree

Arizona does have one palm that grows naturally. This is the California fan palm, which is even thought to have been transplanted through the migration of animals dropping seeds here in Arizona. They grow wild between Yuma and Quartzite in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. The appropriately named “Palm Canyon” is the area the Californian fan palm grows wild in Arizona.
If only one of the palm trees in Arizona is a native, where are all these palms coming from?  It depends on which variety you are thinking about, own, or are considering buying.

Queen Palms

The Queen palm is home to Argentina and Brazil that feature graceful fronds and grow to medium heights. They can be somewhat temperamental due to their country of origin as they are more sensitive than some to winter frosts and the intense summer heat.

Royal Palms

Just like you would imagine being named “Royal” these palms feature an air of affluence and aristocracy.  These trees are native to the Caribbean, tropical Mexico, and parts of southern Florida. These trees feature a rich appearance with deep green skin at their peak and smooth features.

Mexican Fan Palms

Mexican fan palms are one of the more common palms you find in Arizona.  As you would imagine these palms hail from Mexico and the seed pods are carried from northern Mexico to our state. These are the palms that grow to incredible heights and require daredevil gardeners and qualified palm tree trimming professionals climbing to trim.

Mediterranean Palms

As the name suggests the popular Mediterranean palm comes from the southern coast of Europe.  Common in Italy, France, and Spain this palm has a unique and iconic look that makes it a favorite for many Arizona landscapers.  They love full sun and heat so they are perfect for the Phoenix Valley and southern Arizona.

Date Palm Trees

The Date Palm is native to a wide geographical region which includes California, India, Pakistan, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Canary Islands.  It’s dates have been harvested and beloved back to the Egyptian empires and further.  Used for everything from a food staple to making fuel, rope, and finishing timber the date palm has been widely used for centuries.

Arizona Love Palm Trees

Arizona residents love landscaping with the palm because it is an icon of oasis in the desert.  Water and shade are scares here and having these shaded areas created by groves of palm trees evokes thoughts of fun, vacation, and leisure. Shade cast by palm trees, or any tree, is a welcomed relief from the sun and heat of our desert environment.

Landscaping Architectural Anchors

Palms don’t just give the promise of some shade but can be a strong element in the design of residential or commercial landscaping projects. Called “architectural plants”, palm trees can be a major element of visually stunning landscape design.  They are frequently used in large commercial retail real estate projects, city parks, golf courses and more to provide great visual excitement.

Palm Tree Trimming & Care

Phoenix Trim-A-Tree cares for palm trees of every species to keep them looking their best.  We remove old dead fronds to encourage new healthy growth and care for the overall health of the tree.  Our team understands the nutrient needs that palm trees require from the soil and can enrich the soil so your palms grow stronger and more beautiful. If you have palm trees on your residential or commercial property we can help you make them look their best!  We also offer palm tree removal services if your palms are sick, dead, pose a risk to your property or you just don’t want them anymore.


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