How To Tell If A Tree Is Dead

How To Tell If A Tree Is Dead
28 Aug 2018

The easiest way to tell if your tree is dead is to take a knife or finger tip and scratch a twig.  If it’s green your tree is still alive.

If you love the look of trees in your landscape you likely can tell when something is off.

There are ways to check to see if your tree is dead or if there’s a chance of saving it.

In this post you’ll learn how to check if your tree is dead.

How To Tell If A Tree Is Dead

While it’s normal for trees to shed their leaves each fall; it is harder to judge if it’s dead.  Even stormed damaged trees aren’t necessarily goners.  The biggest concern with dying or dead trees is the risk of them falling on homes or property.

Steps To Tell If Your Tree Is Dead

It’s possible to judge if your tree is still living or if sections or all of it have died.  Follow these 4 easy steps to see if your tree is dead.

  • Snap a small twig off a low hanging branch and look for supple green flesh.
  • Test areas for life by scratching twigs and looking for that fresh green look.
  • Watch for sections of your tree that have decay or cankers.
  • Inspect the tree’s trunk for splitting, cracks, or bark falling off.
  • Watch for fungus or mushrooms growing around the base of the tree
  • Check the top of the tree for leaves that are deformed, hanging branches, or bald spots that have no leaves.

In the case that your tree has shown bad signs and might be dead it’s important to contact your local tree care company.  Arborists can help you understand if your tree can be saved or if it poses a threat and you need tree removal services.

How Dead Trees Harm Properties

Dead trees make your property look unkempt, but there’s more to it.  Whether your property is residential or commercial the dangers are similar.  There are 4 main dangers to having dead trees on your property.

  • Insect infested, or diseased trees can spread and kill other trees on your property.
  • Dead branches may fall and damage property or injure people without warning.
  • Dead trees can unexpectedly fall on buildings, vehicles, fences, or other valuable property.
  • Dead trees will attract unwanted pests like rats or termites and other insects.

If you’ve got a tree you think is dying or dead its critical to get it inspected and then saved or removed.

Dying & Dead Tree Services

If you’ve got a dying or dead tree it is time to act!  Our arborist can help you inspect your tree to give an educated judgement on if it can be saved or if it’s too late.  Trust the tree professionals in Phoenix at Phoenix Trim-A-Tree to help save your tree or keep your property safe by removing a serious risk to safety!

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