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Palm Tree Trimming Valleywide

When you are searching for professional palm tree trimming in Phoenix, our team has the training, tools, and talent to trim your palm trees right!  Our certified arborist knows how and when to trim all varieties of palm trees.  Allow our team to come and take care of overgrown, dying, or dead palm trees for you.  We serve both residential and commercial properties all over the Phoenix Valley.

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Trimmed Palm Trees Stay Healthy

Just about everywhere you go in the valley you see palms at golf courses, parks, shopping areas, homes, businesses and more.  Palms are no different than any other kind of tree in that they look better and stay healthier with regular trimming. A lot of people are under the impression that they are a maintenance free tree, yet they do have needs for proper soil nutrition and trimming by knowledgeable tree care professionals.

Residential Palm Tree Trimming

A lot of homes in the Phoenix Valley have palm trees. Palm trees can be a beautiful focal point in your landscape or they can be the bane of your yard.  Our palm tree trimming services remove the old dead fronds or leaves at the top of the tree and leave the tree looking cleaned up.

Commercial Palm Tree Trimming

Most commercial properties around the valley and even city parks are lined with loads of palm trees. Keeping your palm trees trimmed in these settings makes the landscaping in retail areas and parks more inviting and visually attractive. Let us help keep your palms looking great!

Trimming Palm Trees

The fronds, or leaves, at the top of the tree need to be trimmed on some species of palm trees. They grow naturally and spread out of the top of palms trees and over time they age, die, and are replaced.  The fronds which have changed color from green to yellow, orange, and then brown have died and should be removed.  Our palm tree trimming team knows the right time to remove the fronds to allow new growth the flourish.

There are some species of palm trees which do not need trimming, but do benefit from inspection and soil enrichment by trained palm tree professionals. Palms that do not generally need trimming of the Veitchia palm, Royal Palm, and Foxtail Palm.

Palm Tree Nutrients

If you want to have the most beautiful, luxurious palm trees possible the right nutrition is key.  Just like anything that grows the fuel available influences how big, strong, and lush it grows. Soil in Arizona is naturally sandy and drains quickly after rain or watering. Your palms will grow better when we add the nutrients and or organic matter which helps maintain the moisture and minerals the tree needs.

If the palm is in an especially sunny spot we can also add some mulch around the base of the tree. This will help guard against the soil drying out and protect the tree from lawn care equipment. We will help you improve the health of your palms so you will have the best looking palm trees in your neighborhood, city, and the state!

Palm Tree FAQ

Palm Tree Trimming Service

Palm tree trimming services include the trimming of your tree, hauling off the debris, and improving the overall nutrition and health of your tree. If your palm tree is sick or dead we also offer palm tree removal services.  Let us make the most of your palm trees and transform them into the proud centerpieces of your landscape that they can and should be.  Use our contact form or call 480-962-0701 to have your questions answered or to schedule your palm tree trimming anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.

Palm Tree Trimming
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When you are searching for professional palm tree trimming in Phoenix, our team has the training, tools, and talent to trim your palm trees right!