How Much Does Palm Tree Trimming Cost?

How Much Does Palm Tree Trimming Cost?
16 Jan 2019

The average nationwide cost of palm tree trimming is $637.50 per palm tree. However, the size, shape, and health of the palm has an impact on the cost to trim them properly.  Trees that are trimmed regularly need less work and cost less, if you have a palm that needs a lot of work it takes longer and does cost more.

Small Palm Tree Trimming Cost

Palm trees which are up to 30 feet usually cost around $75 to $400.

Medium Palm Tree Trimming Cost

Medium palm tree trimming cost range around $130 to $800 for a palm tree 31ft – 59ft.

Large Palm Tree Trimming Cost

Palms which are 60 feet or taller usually cost around $200 to $1,200.  For more accurate costs please contact us and we will come out and give you a quote for palm tree trimming.

When Should You Trim Palm Trees?

Palm tree leaves are known as fronds. When they begin to die off, they turn color, often going brown but also yellow and orange. But there is no need to alarmed this is a natural and totally normal past of your palm trees life cycle.

Understandably, you probably do not want to see trees that may appear dead in your garden or yard and it is here where the pro’s at Phoenix Trim-A-Tree can blossom into full strength for you! Our experts will care for your palm tree and have ample experience in removing the fronds from your palm tree when they start to turn brown, yellow or orange. it is vital for the ongoing favorable health of your palm trees to be trimmed on a regular basis. This give a chance for the tree to grow new fronds. If the tree remains untrimmed, the bad fronds will take the majority of the nutrients from the rest of the tree.

Our Palm Tree Process Includes:

We follow 4 steps in the Palm Tree Trimming Process. These steps make sure the customers are going to be satisfied with our work and ensure the safety of our workers.

1. Palm Tree Inspection

We will inspect the tree taking into account any possible dangers we need to be aware of before proceeding. We look at the dimensions of the tree, the amount of work that needs doing and take full consideration of any other environmental issues or customer issues so we can get a plan of action together.


2. Your Free Estimate For Palm Tree Trimming

We will give you a free estimate up front for the palm tree (or trees) that need to be trimmed. You will be able to approve the estimate before we commence work.


3. Trimming The Palm Tree(s) & Removal Of Fronds

Once the quote has been approved and you are happy with the job we are about to undertake, we will get to work for you giving our utmost attention to the needs of your tree(s.)


4. The Clean Up – Removing Waste & Debris

We make 100% certain to clean up any leftover debris or waste from your property so your freshly trimmed palm trees can exude their natural beauty.

Palm Tree Trimming by Phoenix Trim-A-Tree

If you have palms that are looking shabby and need palm tree trimming to stay looking great give us a call.  We will come out and let you know how much it will cost to have your palm trees trimmed.  We offer affordable competitive pricing to take care of your palm trees in Arizona. We care for the palm trees for businesses and homes in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, and every other city in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.  Let us come and make your trees look great as the most visible elements of your landscape!

We also offer palm tree removal for trees that are dead, sick, or don’t belong in your landscape anymore.


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