Tree Cutting Costs 2018

Tree Cutting Costs 2018
18 Jan 2018

If you’re searching for “tree cutting costs 2018” you are likely searching for a company to come and cut down a tree, or you might be looking for the cost of tree trimming.  The process of cutting a tree down and removing it takes training, tools, and knowledge to do safely.

Tree Cutting Costs

The cost to cut down and remove a tree in 2018 averages $880 dollars.  This cost reflects the average price and many smaller trees will be much less costly to cut down and remove.  The range of costs for cutting down and removing a tree are between $160 and $1,600.

Tree Cutting Costs by Height

The height of the tree plays a role in what the cost for tree services.  Tree height costs are separated as trees under 25 feet, trees between 25 to 75 feet, and trees over 75 feet.  These ranges are average costs as the proximity to power lines, homes, or other structures can play a role in costs.

Small Tree Cutting Costs

Trees Under 25 ft – A tree that is under 25 ft will cost between $145 and $510 depending on the type and placement.

The average cost for these trees is $327.50.

Medium Tree Cutting Costs

Trees Between 25 and 75 ft – Trees that are between 25 feet high and 75 feet high cost between $210 and $1,050 depending on the placement and type of tree.

The average cost for medium trees is $630.

Large Tree Cutting Costs

Trees Over 75 ft – If you have a large tree that is taller than 75 feet the range of cost will be between $1,000 to $1,500 depending on placement, cost, and any special equipment needed.

The average cost for trees over 75 feet tall is $1,250.

Tree Cutting Costs & Safety

Just about anyone can work an axe or fire up a chainsaw, but it comes with serious risk to personal harm and property damage if not done correctly.  The direction and way the tree falls can spell disaster and the removal of medium to large trees many times requires sections to be carefully removed with a crane or ropes.  Let the pros with the right equipment take care of your tree needs while you enjoy an afternoon of leisure or take care of your business.

Tree Cutting in Phoenix

If you own a property in the Phoenix Valley our team of trained, licensed, and insured tree cutting professionals will cut down and remove your tree safely and affordably.  Every one of our skilled technicians understand our safe tree removal and cutting protocols and work together to get the job done quickly and safely.  Keeping your property in the best condition possible while removing the tree is also our top priority.  We remove the tree, clean up the mess, and leave your property in great condition.

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