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If you are searching for tree removal services near me in Phoenix, our team can help!  Our tree removal service is fast, affordable, and most importantly safe.  We are licensed and insured so you can enjoy the peace of mind service from true professionals brings.  Tree removal can be dangerous for property owners to attempt when there’s houses, fencing, and power lines close by.  Our team uses the best tools, safety equipment, and years of experience to handle removing your tree in a controlled and safe manner. 

Common phrases used to find out tree removal services: Tree Removal, Tree Removal Services Near Me,  local tree removal company, small tree removal, large tree removal, palm tree removal services,  Fallen Tree Removal, Emergency Tree Removal or Tree Removal Near Me.  We services the entire valley including: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe and Chandler. Get a free tree removal estimate by giving Phoenix Trim A Tree a call today at 480-962-0701.

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Professional Tree Removal Services In Phoenix

No matter the size or location of your tree, our tree removal experts in Phoenix can safely remove trees or palm trees from your residential or commercial property. We offer tree removal services to the entire Phoenix, Arizona Valley, including: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler or anywhere else. From time to time, trees die or go beyond recovery and need to be removed. Also, depending on the size and location of the tree, roots can begin to damage walls, walkways, driveways and other hardscape elements. Even your home’s foundation and plumbing is at risk.

If your trees can’t be recovered, or are damaging other parts of your property, the only solution left is “removing the tree”. We will inspect your home or job site for dangerous hazards first, before deciding how much rigging equipment is necessary, or if crane assistance for your tree removal is warranted. Difficult tree removals can be done safely and quickly with proper planning.

Monsoon season is by far our busiest time of the year. With trees falling everywhere it can be quite dangerous if your trees are not trimmed, maintained or removed properly. Be ready for the next monsoon season by letting us perform regular scheduled maintenance on your trees.

Tree Removal Process:

Trees do occasionally get sick, die, or need to be removed for other reasons.  Our tree removal services are licensed, bonded, and we are insured to give our clients complete peace of mind.  Trees can be incredibly heavy and are capable of doing significant damage to any property or structures around them. Safe removal starts with the right training, team, and tools.

Step 1. We inspect your tree so we know the condition, location, and what tools will be needed to safely remove the tree.

Step 2. Provide you with a quote for the complete tree removal service.

Step 3. Once all safety measures have been set into place, our insured expert technicians will begin cutting and perform a controlled tree removal.

Step 4. After successfully removing the tree, we run the limbs through a powerful chipper and remove all brush. Over-sized pieces of the tree trunk will be removed and hauled off.

Step 5. We recycle the trees we remove and cut them into appropriate sized pieces so that they can be turned into mulch, firewood or even woodworking-quality lumber.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal Phoenix AZPhoenix Trim a Tree is known for their professional techniques in successfully removing trees of all sizes and locations around the Phoenix, AZ area and surrounding valley area. We can help with emergency tree removal or hazardous tree removal for fallen trees due to monsoon winds and storms.

An unhealthy or dying tree with a couple dead branches or loose limbs can be easily knocked down by high monsoon winds and have the capability of severely damaging your home or business. Call Phoenix Trim a Tree today to remove problematic trees or branches that risk a safety hazard to you, your car or your property.

Don’t risk removing or cutting trees yourself, tree removal is a very dangerous business. You risk severely injuring yourself or the surrounding property. I know you have seen YouTube videos of people trying to cut down their own trees, only to end up knocking a hole through their roof or completely crushing their car. Call Phoenix Trim a Tree, a tree removal expert, to remove your trees for you. We have years of experience and techniques we have developed over the years to protect our employees, our customers, their families and your property.

Type Of Trees We Remove

We provide tree removal of all types of trees and larger cactus.  Below you’ll find just a few of the common types of trees we remove for customers in the Phoenix Valley.  If you don’t see the type of tree you need removed in this list don’t worry, we provide tree removal services for all types of trees.

Small Tree Removal
Big Tree Removal

Dead Tree Removal
Willow Acacia Tree Removal
Mesquite Tree Removal
Eucalyptus Tree Removal

Sumac Tree Removal
Sweet Acacia Tree Removal
Tipu Tree Removal
Mulberry Tree Removal

Cottonwood Tree Removal

Palm Tree Removal Services

With all of the safety precautions in place our expert team goes into action removing your palm tree or trees. Palm Tree Removal is done as quick as is safe and yet we respect home and business owner’s time and keep our services as short in duration as possible. Removal is performed safely and done so to create the minimum disruption to your landscape.

Palm Tree Stump Grinding

Stump grinding removes the stubborn stump from your landscape. They can be more than an eyesore and end up attracting pests near your other trees and home which can cause sickness to plants or damage to the home. Our stump grinding service completely removes the stump a full foot below the surface of the soil. This gives you plenty of room to plant new plants or cover up the area with mulch, gravel, or even grass.<

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5 Star Tree Removal Reviews In Phoenix

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Nice people. Very helpful. I had an odd request that they accommodated with no problem. Would definitely use their service again.
K. C. Tree Services Phoenix, Arizona

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Tree Removal FAQ

Who Is Responsible For Cutting Overhanging Tree Branches?

If your neighbors tree branches overhang on your properly, you are responsible for cutting it. Both parties much mutually agree if you would like to remove the tree.

If a tree trunk is on your property, you are responsible for maintaining it. You are responsible for making sure any tree on your property is healthy and there are no known hazards.

Is Tree Removal Tax Deductible?

Tree removal is not tax deductible if the tree is located on your personal residence. However, if your property is a rental house the expense can be tax deductible.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fallen Trees or Tree Damage?

Yes, homeowners insurance does cover fallen trees. The limit is $500-$1,000 per tree. Standard homeowners insurance coverage will replace trees damaged by lighting, vandalism and fire. However, homeowners insurance will not cover water or wind damage.

MY Neighbors Tree Branch Fell On My Property , What Do I Do?

If a neighbors tree branch falls on your property you are responsible to remove it. It is a rule that the insurance policy of the location where the damage took place pays for the tree branch removal.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

The average cost of tree removal is $150-$1500 depending on the height of the tree. A tree 25ft tall or shorter will only cost an average of $325. An 25ft-75ft tree will cost an average of $600. And, a large 75ft tree or taller will cost at least $1,500.

Tree Removal Cost Calculator

According to HomeAdvisor’s tree removal cost calculator, the national average cost of tree removal in 2018 was $651.

Schedule Tree Removal In Phoenix

Phoenix Trim a Tree is dedicated to providing genuine customer service and high quality tree services.

We offer a variety of tree services including tree removals for residential and commercial properties. Our tree removal services includes hauling away of old unwanted trees, stumps and branches. We also offer emergency storm damage tree removals.

Call480-962-0701 or 602 718-8493 today to speak with one of our tree experts or for a free tree removal estimate in Phoenix.

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