What Is A Certified Arborist?

What Is A Certified Arborist?
17 Nov 2017

If you’re searching for “What is a Certified Arborist?” you’re likely either looking for tree services or you might be looking into a course of education.  A Certified Arborist is a tree care professional who has been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).  This professional Credential is the result of college education along with passing exams conducted by the ISA.  The benefit for business and homeowners is getting exceptional tree care by highly educated and professional Arborists.

Why Hire an Arborist?

The definition of an arborist is “someone that has been trained and knows the arts and science about planting, taking care of, and, maintaining of different individual trees. An arborist is knowledgeable in regard to what it is that trees need, as well as trained and knows how to properly care for trees. Hiring an arborist is something one should take seriously.

Getting proper care for a tree could be an investment which could result in substantial returns. When a tree is properly cared for it will be more attractive, which in the long run will add a considerable amount of value to the property it is on. On the other hand, trees that have been poorly maintained could result in a liability. The pruning and/or removal of a tree (especially if they are huge) is very dangerous work. Only professionals that are properly equipped and have had the correct training to handle the removal of trees in a safe matter should be doing this kind of work.

What Exactly is a Certified Arborist?

Someone who has the level of knowledge in the art & science of caring for trees can get certified. An arborist will receive part of this knowledge through experience, part from reading and studying, and finally by taking and passing a very comprehensive examination being able to get certified. This comprehensive examination was developed by several of the most leading experts on caring for trees. Once someone has been certified as an arborist they have to maintain that certification by continuing to stay updated educationally and go by the Code of Ethics. This keeps them up to date with any new techniques as well.

To become a ISA Certified Arborist, one can join the process where individual people can measure the amount of knowledge and competence, which is required to be able to provide the proper care in caring for trees. The ISA Certification is not sponsored, nor is it endorsed by any government. It is the International Society of Arboriculture that handles the administering, this gives professional tree careers a chance to demonstrate how committed they are about this profession and the industry.

The certification is by no means a measure of standards of the practice. The certification is a way of knowing of an individual’s tree knowledge, however, a certification will not guarantee nor ensure of their performance being of quality.

Phoenix Valley Certified Arborist

If you’re looking for service from an Certified Arborist we can help!  Phoenix Trim-A-Tree’s Certified Arborist graduated from OSU and has the health of your trees in mind.  When you want the best tree care possible you hire the certified professionals.

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